All the food friends together! (Rendered pixelly to cut down the file size)

mosttimes i draw random stuff i never finish
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うちはさんちのマダラくん by あさくら
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Just a quick doodle to get back into the flow of drawing. I guess this is the kind of hair I would have if I weren’t too lazy to dye it lol. Feels like it’s been ages since I’ve been able to just draw freely. Every day for the past month I’ve been working on prototyping the Axent Wear headphones (the next prototype should be done in 2 weeks!)

Foxy virus.

by: 芳賀
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Pokedex Entry: Mewssingno., the Future-Devouring Pokemon.
Mewssingno. is the only Pokemon with complete omniscience. It knows where you live. It knows who you love. It knows you still pee your bed at night. And it knows you tried to cheat to get infinite Rare Candies and Masterballs. 
Larger view here: http://starvingstudents.deviantart.com/art/Mewssingno-472862222